Welcome to my page,

I am a Holistic Health consultant, energy bodyworker, embodiment coach, trauma recovery therapist and artist. 

My tools are life coaching, body-de-armouring, cranio-sacral therapies, breath work and intuition. 

My specialties include:

  • Embodiment coaching-body-soul integration

  • Nutritional advice for different body types and personalities 

  • Divine feminine and masculine polarity guidance

  • Energetic bodywork and  De-armouring techniques

  • Cranio-sacral therapies 

  • Ancestral lineage repair and repatterning

Body Energetics- Somatic work and training 

'''The truth of who you are resides within"



Holistic-Health Coaching 

Rose will help you balance your mind and body through sound advice. She will help you recognize your personal gifts and talents, reconnect to Earth, become aware of your attachments, self-sabotaging aspects and bring you a new perspective.  She specializes in trauma recovery,  inner child healing,  divine feminine and masculine integration, balance, removing toxins and negative attachments and reducing stress. 

She analyzes your health, body type, personality traits and gives nutritional advice and ideal exercises for your body type. 


 somatic De-armouring- Bodywork (TM)

De-Armouring Bodywork is a healing modality that includes chakra balancing, emotional dialogue, gentle touch, polarity integration and vibrational therapy. I focus on bringing the energy from lower dantean to the heart-center.

The work "De-Armouring-Bodywork" is not a trademark word and many professionals are using it in them healing practices. It is not purely energy neither touch, it is a balance of both energy work and body work adjusted to the individual needs.

I have extensive training of more than a decade in somatic experience, trauma-recovery and massage therapy unlike others who freely use this word and only for orgasmic purposes without training or education in the field of human behavior.

This session balances out your emotional and physical body.  Many of us carry the effects of emotions and trauma that have been stored in our bodies and, as a consequence, we experience guardedness, lack of trust, and a sense of not being part of the world. 

An emotional detox and body de-armouring session brings back homeostasis, a sense of being back to your core center and remove unnecessary baggage from the past. You'll start to be you again from the first session. 

This session is done either on a yoga mat or massage table, to provide an effective energetic healing.  This technique is also included in my retreats. Contact me to find out more. 

Typically the first session lasts 2 hours. 

CranioSacral Therapies

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is a massage and energy healing modality that helps improve the functioning of the nervous system, relieving pain and improving mobility. CST has been used to treat a variety of psychological and physical conditions. This therapy is exceptionally helpful in removing mild trauma-based accidents, repetitive negative self-talk and other patterns adopted by external causes. 

CST is performed on a massage table but you will be fully dressed.  Typically a session lasts  about 1 hour. 


About me 

 The Harmony Holistic Team work together to promote an integration of mind body and soul. 

Rose has dedicated her life to alternative holistic health and therapeutic touch. She is aware of the influence of technology in our lives and how technology creates more stress, fatigue and more dependency.  She helps you harmonize your life and coexist with wifi and the internet in a healthy way. 

Part of her work is to promote a healthy lifestyle, remove unnecessary distractions and focus on what is most important, your mission on Earth. 

She uses different tools to help you connect to the true core of who you are and these are listed on her services page.  In her practice she focuses on:

  • Integration of the divine masculine and feminine, 

  • Emotional detox by clearing out negative attachments 

  • Relationships harmonization through identifications of roles you play in life

  • Kundalini energy rising 

  • De-armouring, self-acceptance and body positivity workshops. 

Her practice, both in her office and online, is a space of love, positive body acceptance, body positivity, inner child healing Earth magick and personal development.

​Her passion is to promote wellbeing, mental clarity, purpose and meaning through  self-developing tools, magick, connection to the elements and the inner wise self.


Her mission to be of service to humanity, inspire, showing you your path, mission and tools to enhance your life.



  • M.Ed.  in transpersonal counseling psychology

  • B.S. and M.S. degrees in psychology

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Past-life Healer by Doreen Virtue Angel School

  • Celtic Reiki Master 


Disclaimer:  Energy healing and/or regression therapy services are not mental health therapy and is not a substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. The services offered on this website are not licensed by anu U.S. or international agency or government body. Any information received from Rose is not designed to provide medical advise. Rose recommends that you consult a physician in all matters regarding your health. Rose doesn't make claims or promises , representations or warranties with respect to any information regarding your health, mental, emotional or physical. 

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